26 April 2019   

 Oak Hill

   Institute of Education

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About Oak Hill Institute of Education




Oak Hill Institute of Education, a mark of educational excellence, as recognized by the state for its progressive approach and will to excel, is determined to make new land marks at the new campus. The Institute under the well experienced Board of Management has well defined Mission. The Mission is to impart knowledge at all levels in art, science and mental  as well as moral aptitude.


The Well established classrooms, well equipped laboratories, modern well to do I.T facilities, the capacious playing field and the open friendliness of work environment shall enable the students to reach to their fullest potential. The potential may be in securing positions, distinctions in the board examinations and winning certificates in extracurricular activities including cultural activities.


The board ( Mission Education ) has a defined programme to establish and maintain the higher secondary education with hostel and boarding houses to cater the needs of the future jewels of the society.


The implementation of the establishment of a full fledged alma mater shall be appropriately phased out in such a way that the functioning of the institute will not remain handicapped to its total completion.